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Week 11 - 1 new and 1 old

Missed last week due to travelling out of the country on business so I hit this week in style: 2 new trucks (27 total trucks ranked) this week and 1 repeat.

So first the repeat. Guess who I went to? Of course The Rib Whip. Took some friends friends from work to get to experience the wonders of the brisket sandwich. The whip was at parked at a new truck spot called the Truck Stop (1st and Mission). This is an alley for no better way to put it. 3 trucks were lined up and the line for the whip was 25 deep never subsided. Thursday must have been my lucky day as we were 15th (or so in line) at 11:45 when they ran out of the brisket sandwich. When we got to the front of the line the cook poked his head out and stated that they had 2 portions left to which I said: "I'll take both..." Friends and I all LOVED the sandwich (not surprisingly). Ahhh and I will be gone next week (vacation) so no chance to hit the whip but of course I'll be back.

On to the first of the new trucks - Hiyaaa Roll. I would describe this as a multi-ethnic sandwich truck. They have 4 different sandwiches which can double as salads if you choose. I got a spicy pork marinated in korean seasoning, do chua (pickled daikon and carrots), mayo, romaine lettuce, sliced jalapenos, secret sweet and spicy sauce as a sandwich. It was really good, spicy, rich with flavor. Much better than the bahn mi that I had tried at a different vietnamese truck. I will definitely be trying the Hiyaaa Roll truck again when given the chance.

The second truck was Pacific Puffs. Simple cream puffs. I got a strawberry one which was a really well done puff with a strawberry cream and fresh strawberries. Really light and good. A bit spendy but still good.

Some disappointing news was I found that one of my favorite trucks (51st State) is shuttering. I am going to miss the Executive (patty melt).

As you can see from the rankings I use twitter mostly to track and follow these trucks. It helps me know where they are on a given day as well as menus. I have a twitter list where I am tracking/following 58 trucks that are all around the bay area. If you want you can follow me or my list at:!/mposki/food-trucks.
  1. @TheRibWhip -(updated 6/30/11) Went on a rainy Tuesday and the sandwich is good as always. My sister enjoyed them at the Larkspur food truck gathering and declared them her favorite as well - she had the ribs which I have enjoyed in the past.(updated 6/16/11) Had the brisket sandwich again as did 2 friends I brought. All loved it. The thing is just so simple and utterly perfect! Still #1 (updated 6/9/11) See mypost with the review of the ribs and mac and cheese. (updated 6/2/11) I said I wanted to go back and try some real BBQ and I got there just in time for some brisket. This vaulted them to #2. (previous post) Ventured up to SF for lunch to try this place out. Unfortunately I caught them on a day where they had no brisket or pulled pork. Still a GREAT burger. They will more than likely slide up the list once I try some actual bbq.
  2. @3sumeats - (updated 6/16/11) Again dessert only but wow again. Homemade twinkies which were so delicious and then a 'candy bar pie' which means a mini pie with chocolate, nougat, caramel and pretzels. After having the brisket sandwich and some desserts I felt like falling asleep at my desk when I got back to the office. (updated 6/2/11) Holy crap I had a peanut butter mousse moon pie from them today at OTG at the UN center for lunch. WOW is all I can say about this treat, wow. The moon pie completely solidified them as my #1. (previous notes) This is a truck run by a former Top Chef contestant. I had some philly cheesesteak potstickers and possibly the best BLT I have ever eaten (rosemary encrusted bacon). Really, REALLY good stuff.
  3. @BttrScotchOnGo (up 1) -Yum after a 4th visit now! Not higher because I don't think that I can rank it higher than 2 savory trucks. Ventured over to this truck to pick up desserts for the house. Easily the best butterscotch pudding I have EVER eaten. Butterscotch sugar cookies were a treat and a tort that was rich and really delicious. On the first visit I had a butterscotch brownie (more like a blondie) which was great and then a rice krispy treat that was a bit unspectacular. They also have salads and sandwiches but yet to try them.
  4. @EatLeTruc - (updated 7/8) Great burger, cooked to perfection. Was able to sit inside and enjoy the food in the shade. Just reviewed but great sandwich, yummy menu, great facility (a repurposed school bus). What is not to like?
  5. @Brassknucklesf - Had a sandwich that was pork and ham served with a rosemary waffle (named Notorious P.I.G.). Kitchy names and a really bad ass sandwich.
  6. @51stStateSF - No longer in business! :( New American food. Great, check that GREAT, patty melt. Really really good stuff. Excited for future visits for sure.
  7. @eatmobowl - Ate from this truck 2x in 1 day if that says something. Had a 5 spice pulled pork bowl and then a tofu (umami) bowl. Both with fried eggs on top. Simple and perfect!
  8. @IzItFreshGrill - Yummy Hawaiian food and super yummy (surprisingly) SPAM! See review.
  9. @OaxacanKitchen (up 2 from last week) - Ate me some great tacos that were some of the best taco truck tacos I could imagine (and most know I love me some taco trucks). This truck took the place of a restaurant that they shuttered to focus on catering and the mobile food biz.
  10. @eatcurbside - Like I said, GREAT sandwich and even better fries. Only 4 items on the menu and 2 or 3 looked yummy (ahi sliders - which I ate, grilled cheese with onion jam, and lamb merguez).
  11. @EatOnMonday - Yet another fusion type place. Asian tacos. I had a pulled pork and a pork belly taco. Both were really well seasoned and well cooked. They had some seafood fusion tacos as well which looked interesting (although I am allergic to them). Middle of the road as it seems like there are a million of these fusion trucks in the area.
  12. @hiyaaaroll - sandwiches, salads, one of the best 'fusion' trucks in the area!
  13. @ChairmanTruck - went and wanted a steamed bun and a baked bun but no baked buns the day that I went. I enjoyed the steamed buns a lot but this is a bit lower on the rankings as the value to the $$ is pretty low actually. Good food, really good!
  14. @anthegosf - Amazing garlic noodles. Nuf said!
  15. @senorsisig - Filipino fusion. Only had a small taste of their stuff. Definitely want to try more to get a better feel for the truck.
  16. @BBQKalbi - Another Edgewood Eats enjoyment. Really tasty kimchi fried rice burrito. Good and enjoyable to say the least.
  17. @treatbot - This is an ice cream AND karaoke truck!?!?!?!? The ice cream was good not great they were out of cones so I got a sandwich on a cookie and the cookie was a bit unspectacular.
  18. @MamaEmpanadasSF - So had a good empanada and will definitely enjoy it again but not enough to go out of my way to seek it out. I will happily enjoy stumbling onto it.
  19. @LIBAfalafel - Really good falafel and a crazy condiment bar.
  20. @theWOWtruck - Decent silog. Next time no burrito!
  21. @pacificpuffs - good cream puffs but expensive for what you get.
  22. @CurryUpNow - Liked it a lot just nothing spectacular. Easily a recommend but just Indian food wrapped in some naan. The plates look yummy though.
  23. @TikkaBytesTruck - Another Indian truck. Daughter loved the samosa but again not impressed with a limited fusion menu.
  24. @SFWHISK - So I just had a dessert from them and it was really good strawberry pana cotta. Some yummy looking sandwiches and salads on the menu.
  25. @lilgreencyclo - Wow the lemonade just killed any shot this thing had at a good review. Mediocre was the word of the day. Review here.
  26. @SouthrnSandwich - Another BBQ truck but I was really unimpressed by it. The pork had no real smoke flavor and the brisket was a touch dry. Big fan of BBQ and will try it again to see if it shifts up.
  27. @MoGoBBQ - got 2 things from them 1 really good and one meh but really yummy short rib sliders.

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